FAQ about the application forms

If you have questions about the application process, please send an email to post@giek.no or call +47 22 87 62 00.

There is no cost to submit an application or to receive an offer of guarantee.


If GIEK makes an offer of guarantee that the customer accepts, the customer (exporter, buyer or bank) must pay GIEK a premium and other possible costs.

The time varies depending on the type of guarantee, from about 10 minutes to an hour. We recommend having the necessary attachment documents readily available on your computer, and uploading them before submission.

Yes, you will receive a link to access your application form. The link is valid for five weeks, and you may forward the link to another person.


Most file formats are accepted: PDF, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, PPT/PPTX, ODT, PNG, RTF, GIF, HTML, XML, TXT, TIF/TIFF, JPG/JPEG and SOSI.

GIEK needs complete information to be able to assess customer creditworthiness. Information about the contract, the financing, and the ability of the parties to execute delivery and service debt is essential. Some fields are obligatory and must be completed in order to submit the application. Information for other fields may be added later, but note that our processing does not begin, or come to a halt, if we lack significant information.

Yes. The information is protected and is deleted from the remote server immediately after it is received in GIEK’s archive. GIEK is bound by confidentiality.

If your data or attachments are especially sensitive, contact us before you fill out the application.

Yes, you will receive a copy of the application by e-mail with confirmation that it has been received.

Applicants that do not use BankID to sign (buyers and banks abroad, for example) must print out the copy they receive by e-mail, then sign it, scan it and send it to GIEK.

Applying for the first time? You can see an overview of all GIEKs gurantees here.

At the beginning of the application form you will find a link to a list of all the information and attachments you will need.

As you proceed through the form you will find help texts for individual questions. These are either written in grey in the answer field or become visible when the question mark to the right is clicked.

Please let us know if anything remains unclear.

Each application must be filled in afresh. We are working to install a log-in system for use in future.

Buyers of Norwegian exports must have a loan guarantor before receiving a loan from Export Credit Norway. In most cases, GIEK is asked. GIEK performs a full credit assessment of the buyer and the transaction. Since a GIEK guarantee results in a loan from Export Credit Norway, the buyer in practice becomes a customer of both Export Credit Norway and GIEK.


Which application form should be used? It depends on the industry, the contract amount, and what you are applying for:

Mainland industries – all land-based industries, including land-based aquaculture:   

  • Guarantees and loans for projects under NOK 100 million

    • Send buyer’s joint application to GIEK and Export Credit Norway, and

    • Send exporter’s joint application to GIEK and Export Credit Norway

  • Guarantee only

    • Send buyer’s guarantee application to GIEK, and

    • Send exporter’s guarantee application to GIEK

  • Loan only

    • Buyer or exporter fills out Export Credit Norway’s loan application

Maritime financings – shipping, offshore and other maritime exports, including ship newbuildings, upgrades and retrofits, regardless of the amount:

  • Guarantee

    • Send buyer’s guarantee application to GIEK

    • Exporter(s) will be contacted by GIEK

  • Loan

    • Send buyer’s loan application to Export Credit Norway

  • The buyer or Exporter have to get in dialouge with Export Credit Norway


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.


Applications may be submitted by:

  • Managers or employees of the company or bank applying.

  • Norwegian and foreign nationals. Digital signing, however, is possible only for Norwegians and some European nationals with BankID.

  • The buyer credit guarantee application consists of two different forms that must be completed separately by the exporter and the buyer (or their representatives). For all other guarantees there is only one application form, to be completed by the exporter, buyer or bank.

Note that GIEK at a later date will request an exporter’s declaration signed by the company’s management before any guarantee is issued.

The amount of information we require varies. Only names, dates and amounts are sought in most of the fields. Others permit you to write more text. The more you provide, the quicker our processing will be.

Tip: Drag the bottom right corner of large text fields (in Google Chrome) to create more space for writing.

When several exporters have signed the same contract with a common buyer, each exporter must fill out a GIEK application.

Have you entered the business registration number consecutively, with no spaces?

If so, you may be using an old browser. We recommend Google Chrome.