Ethical guidelines

GIEK issues guarantees that bind the Norwegian state, and has thus been assigned both authority and trust. It is important to protect GIEK’s reputation and contribute to a high level of ethical awareness and integrity among all employees and board members.

GIEK’s ethical principles are intended to help in the creation of a shared attitude to ethical issues. They are also to serve as a basis and framework for more detailed routines determined by GIEK’s management. GIEK’s ethical principles are subject to the approval of GIEK’s board of directors.

GIEK’s employees shall help to uphold the trust in and reputation of GIEK by maintaining a high ethical standard, behaving in a socially responsible manner and complying with prevailing laws and rules. We undertake to behave loyally to GIEK both at work and in our private lives.

All employees have an independent responsibility to help safeguard GIEK’s reputation. This includes a requirement to act in an ethically justifiable manner and to refrain from illegal acts and other derelictions of duty that might weaken GIEK’s reputation.

GIEK’s management are to ensure that all GIEK employees and directors have access to, and knowledge of, the ethical guidelines. The individual is responsible for becoming familiar with and complying with guidelines.