Pending projects:

1. NACAOME II Agua Fria solar energy project, Honduras:

  • Project description and GIEK's assessment

  • Impact report

    2. 25 MW gas power plant, Myanmar:

  • Project description and GIEK's assessment

  • Impact report

    3. ViQA - River power plant, Kosovo:

  • Project description and GIEK's assessment

  • Impact report

    4. Belwind II offshore wind farm, Belgium:

  • Project description and GIEK's assessment

  • Impact report

    5. Thorsil Metallurgical Grade Silicon Plant, Helguvik, Iceland (Category A):

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report (ESIA) in connection to Export from Vatvedt Industri AS, Sarpsborg, to Thorsil Metallurgical Grade Silicon Plant, Helguvik, Iceland. Thorsil plans to build and operate a new silicon plant at Helguvik, Iceland, to produce 110,000 tons per year of metallurgical grade silicon. The Norwegian company Vatvedt Industri AS will deliver two furnaces to this production plant.

  • Impact report

  • Planning agency ruling

    6. Abul Khair Group - gas-based power plant, Bangladesh (Category B):

    Abul Khair Group operates, among other businesses, two steel mills in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The company has entered into a contract with Bergen Engines AS to purchase 8 gas engines that each generates approx. 9 MW. The engines will supply the steel mills with energy for the operations and compensate for lack of stability on the public grid.

  • Impact report and further details

  • ESIA and ESMP

  • Gap Analysis and Young Workers Program

  • Final consolidated Action Plan

    7. LignoTech Florida (category B):

    The LignoTech Florida project is the building of a production plant based on Borregaards intellectual property which allows higher value utilization of the lignin stream from Rayonier’s (RYAM) existing pulp mill in Florida, USA. The feasibility of the LignoTech project has been pulled together with the building of a CHP gas power plant that provides availability of natural gas and enables RYAM to convert their recovery boiler to operate on natural gas, and makes the lignin available for use for higher value products than the use as fuel. LignoTech Florida’s facility is adjacent to and integrated with the existing RYAM mill. A building permit and a new air permit were required from the city of Fernandina Beach and state of Florida respectively. The technical details of the permits are in the technical evaluation and air permit documents. GIEK has conducted a site visit and met with relevant parties involved in the project to assess any potential negative impacts of the project. This is a substantial project, but with limited additional adverse environmental and social risks than from the existing facility and benefits include lower SO2 emissions. An EIA was not required by the state, but risks and mitigation are addressed in the air emission and building permits.

    Florida air permit

    GIEK welcomes feedback on all projects and submission of concerns from stakeholders with an interest in the project. Please send feedback to:


8. Financing of the Changfang Xidao offshore wind project

 Category: A

GIEK intends to participate in the financing of the Changfang Xidao offshore wind project aboout 11- 25 km west of Taiwan. The project will add a capacity of about 600 MW and will represent an important contribution to renewable energy production in Taiwan.

GIEK participates in the financing based upon Norwegian deliveries to the project. «Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners» står som utvikler av prosjektet.

According to OECDs Common Approaches on Environmental and Social Due Diligence the project is categorised as category A.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (EISA) (local) is available here:

GIEK is carrying out, together with other countries export credit agencies, environmental and social due diligence against relevant laws, the IFC Performance Standards and OECD Common Approaches.