Environmental assessment

GIEK has an extensive due diligence procedure. All transactions are classified on the basis of information obtained during the risk assessment. The risk is divided into three levels: A, B and C, of which A is the highest level of risk or negative impact. According to IFC standards, ESIAs must be published for projects that are classified as category A. In addition, GIEK will conduct a survey and associated facilities will be evaluated.

For category B projects, GIEK requires sufficient documentation of how the environmental and social impacts are identified and handled. For category C projects, only the identification of the risk is required. Irrespective of their classification, all projects must comply with national laws and relevant international conventions that the countries are obliged to observe.

GIEK publishes information on category A and B projects that have applied for export financing. ESIAs (Environmental Social Impact Assessments) for category A projects are published at least 30 days before a guarantee is issued.

A and B projects

A and B Projects under review:

No current projects under review


A and B projects assessed/ guarantees issued:

1. NACAOME II Agua Fria solar energy project, Honduras:

2. 25 MW gas power plant, Myanmar:

3. ViQA - River power plant, Kosovo:

4. Belwind II offshore wind farm, Belgium:

5. Thorsil Metallurgical Grade Silicon Plant, Helguvik, Iceland (Category A):

6. Abul Khair Group - gas-based power plant, Bangladesh (Category B):

7. LignoTech Florida (category B):