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Letter of credit guarantee

Ensures money transfer between the buyer’s and the exporter’s bank. Mitigates risk for the bank and indirectly for the exporter.

Country risk

OECD country risk classifications, GIEK’s assessments of whether countries can and will live up to their international payment obligations, and links to World Bank indicators of investment climate in individual countries.

Supplier credit guarantee for exporters

Protects the exporter against loss from foreign sales on credit. The credit may be provided by the exporter or the exporter’s bank. The guarantee covers the political or commercial risk of a buyer not paying for individual deliveries.

Guaranteed loans for buyers of Norwegian exports

Relevant to export contracts valued at NOK 100 million or less. Borrow from Eksportkreditt Norge, with guarantee by GIEK and a bank. Up to 90% of the contract may be debt financed. Repayment period: minimum 2 years.

Contract guarantee for exporters

Protects the exporter against commercial risk (non-payment by the buyer) or political risk (legislative amendments, conflicts or other political obstacles to payment or delivery). Suitable for customised deliveries that would be hard to sell to other buyers.

Tender guarantee for aid projects

Aimed at Norwegian suppliers to assistance projects in developing countries. Reimburses up to 50% of the supplier’s tendering costs if a contract is not won. Priority given to small and medium-sized companies.

Guarantee for production loans to exporters

Covers a bank’s risk when disbursing a production loan. Suitable when exporters will be bidding on large or multiple contracts. GIEK covers up to 50% of the bank’s risk. The contract(s) must exceed NOK 50 million.

Guarantee of production loans to exporters

Covers a bank’s risk when disbursing a production loan. Suitable when exporters will be bidding on large or multiple contracts. GIEK covers up to 50 per cent of the bank’s risk.

Guarantee of building loans to vessels

Covers up to 50% of a bank’s risk associated with building loans to shipyards or other manufacturers of mobile offshore installations. (Note: Export is not required, and the buyer may be domestic.)

Bank guarantee of foreign investment

Covers political risk for bank loans used in investment abroad. “Political risk” refers to such risks as expropriation, civil unrest and new foreign exchange restrictions. See also “Guarantee of equity investment”.

Bond guarantee: security for foreign buyers

Covers foreign buyers’ loss in the event of non-delivery by a Norwegian exporter, loss of advance payment, etc. The exporter’s bank issues the guarantee, while GIEK counter guarantees up to 50%/70%/90%, depending on the case.

Innovation Norway funding schemes

Innovation Norway’s financing services to growth companies may consist of loans, grants and guarantees, or some combination thereof.

Credit insurance for exporters

Insures the exporter against loss on short-term credit sales abroad (repayment period of under 2 years). The policy can cover all sales (portfolio insurance) or single sales (single risk). Both political and commercial risk can be covered. Note: the company GIEK Kredittforsikring should not be confused with the agency GIEK. They share a common history but are two separate organisations.

GIEK Kredittforsikring (now a separate company, but previously a part of GIEK) can insure against losses on accounts receivable from buyers at home and abroad.
GIEK Kredittforsikring (nå et eget selskap, men tidligere en del av GIEK) kan forsikre deg mot tap på kundefordringer til kjøpere i inn- og utland. Polisen kan dekke alt salg (Porteføljeforsikring) eller enkelt salg (Single Risk).

Invest internationally

Resources for companies with export ambitions. Find new markets, prepare to export, get your first customer, achieve growth and scale up operations.

Financing and guarantees for retrofit of vessels

For installation of new Norwegian equipment on existing vessels. The vessel must be in foreign trade or offshore activity. The loan may cover up to 85% of the Norwegian delivery, with a repayment period of 5 to 8.5 years.

Loans to buyers of Norwegian exports

Long-term loans on competitive terms with loan periods of 2–18 years. Fixed or variable interest rates, loans up to 85% of export contract value. A loan guarantee for the entire loan is required from GIEK, a commercial bank or other financial institution. For loans under NOK 50 million, the exporter may serve as co-guarantor.

Nortrade trade portal

Database of Norwegian export companies, news, articles and links for those who want to do business with Norway.

Market Information – abroad

Clickable overview of market opportunities in a number of countries. Also contains a list of Innovation Norway’s offices as well as Ministry of Foreign Affairs embassies and consulates.

Norwegian foreign service missions

Information from Norwegian embassies, consulates and international delegations. Contains travel, finance and business information on individual countries.