Simplified export financing for transactions up to NOK 50 million

Do you have a potential buyer abroad? Improve your chances of winning the contract with state financing, reduced risk and simple administrative arrangements.


In December 2014, Export Credit Norway and GIEK launched a simplified loan and guarantee product for transactions totalling up to NOK 30 million. Our SMB loans provide foreign buyers with robust financing guaranteed by the Norwegian state.

We share your risk

The transaction limit for our SMB loan B has now been increased from NOK 30 million to NOK 50 million. With this product, GIEK assumes up to 90 per cent of credit risk, with the remaining 10 per cent being covered by the exporter (i.e. you as the seller of the good or service).

Reduced administration

After the export has been made, your buyer repays 90 per cent of the purchase price to Export Credit Norway and 10 per cent to you, with interest. Export Credit Norway collects all instalments from the buyer during the term of the loan, and transfers the funds due to you into your account.

It worked for Safelink

The Porsgrunn-based company Safelink develops and builds heave compensators for the offshore industry. When the company decided to export its products, Export Credit Norway provided financing. GIEK guaranteed 90 per cent of the loan, while Safelink covered the remaining 10 per cent.


SME loan A

SME loan B

  • Export contracts of up to NOK 100 million


  • Export contracts of up to NOK 50 million


  • A commercial bank covers the loan risk not covered by GIEK.
  • The exporter (the seller of the goods) covers the loan risk not covered by GIEK.

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