Conversion and offer to a wide range of industries

Foto: NFD

The lender guarantee for export-related investments in Norway is suitable for long-term investments in all types of industries.

Norway needs new export contracts in many industries in the coming years. Companies need to invest in new technology, machinery and equipment. Government guarantees for bank loans can be important to finance these investments, says Monica Mæland, Minister of Trade Industry. The state already contributes provide export-related financing. The new guarantee meets new needs that have arisen, she says.

Internationalisation guarantee

GIEK can provide a guarantee to a bank that finances a company’s investment in Norway. The investment must directly or indirectly lead to export.
The guarantee can expand banks' lending capacity to their customers.
GIEK guarantees for loans granted for investment fixed assets in Norway. The guarantee is intended to contribute to the realignment of the mainland industry, thus it is not applicable to oil and gas industry processing plants, real estate development and clean infrastructure projects.


Read the press release from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (in Norwegian).

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