Guidelines for responsible business for Norwegian companies with international operations – new online hub

In the new online hub for responsible business, you will find information on available guidelines and corporate social responsibility requirements expected by GIEK, Export Credit Norway, Innovation Norway, Norfund, Norad, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Research Council of Norway, and the OECD National Contact Point Norway. The OECD National Contact Point for Responsible Business Norway manages the website.

Link to the new online hub.

International businesses and corporate social responsibility

The Norwegian Government expects that Norwegian enterprises with international business demonstrate corporate social responsibility and:

  • Follow laws and regulations in the countries they operate in.
  • Is familiar with the UN Guiding Principles and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprise, and use these to develop strategies for responsible business.
  • Demonstrate caution and map the human rights risk related to its business operations. This is particularly relevant for companies operating in demanding markets.

The Government’s action plan for business and human rights, states that companies seeking public financial support or services, will receive good and unified information and guidance on corporate social responsibility and the Government’s expectations on respecting human rights. The website is part of this work.