GIEK new sponsor of North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF)

The Norwegian seafood industry is expected to growth extensively in the years to come. The total marine value creation can potentially reach NOK 550 billion in 2050. The same year, the supplier sector of the industry could alone reach a turnover value of NOK 124 billion. With a new set of tools better suited for the seafood industry, GIEK hopes to take on a greater role in the industry’s further growth in Norway and abroad.

To exhibit this new role, GIEK steps in as a new sponsor of North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF), which is one of the most important meeting grounds in the industry. This year’s conference will be held in Bergen 6-8 March.

Important meeting ground

-We are very pleased to have GIEK as a long-term sponsor and partner for North Atlantic Seafood Forum. It is great to see that GIEK, as part of the public policy implementation system, takes on a more visible role in backing the seafood industry, says Jørgen J. Lund, Managing Director of NASF.

-GIEK has long been an important player within Norwegian export and has had a key role in lifting Norwegian goods and services out into the world. GIEK has particularly been important to the maritime and offshore industries, but GIEK has during 2017, been handed a number of new tools, which makes it better equipped to serve several other industries as well. We greatly believe in the seafood industry, which will become the backbone of Norwegian industry, and we believe GIEK can play a part in helping the industry reach its growth ambitions in and outside of Norway. GIEK may now assist the full value chain and may offer loan guarantee for financing of machinery and equipment for the exporters’ suppliers as well. From 2018, we can also finance traditional fishing vessels to be constructed and operated in Norway. GIEK wishes to be a more visible and important partner to the full value chain within the seafood industry, and therefore wants to back NASF as an important meeting place and arena for the industry, says Wenche Nistad, CEO at GIEK.

Global AquaTech Summit

GIEK will also be part of the program at the new conference Global Aquatech Summit, which will be held in connection with NASF on 6 March. Global Aquatech Summit is organized in cooperation with SINTEF Ocean, Norsk Industri and NCE Aquatech Cluster.

-We are very pleased to have GIEK onboard. The goal behind Global Aquatech Summit is, among others, branding of the Norwegian ocean farming technology to international players, and profiling of GIEK and GIEK’s state guarantees is then a natural part of the conference, says Managing Director of NCE Aquatech Cluster, Kristian Henriksen.

-GIEK’s engagement here will further strenghten the groundbreaking work that NCE Aquatech Cluster, DINTEF Ocean and Norsk Industri are now doing to profile Norwegian ocean farming technology on the world market. Together we can establish a world-leading meeting ground in Bergen within the space of NASF, where already up to 1000 top industry executives in the world’s seafood industry and investors meet every year, says Lund.

The research organisation SINTEF is also happy to see that GIEK now wants to contribute taking Norwegian technology to the international market.

-GIEK’s entry is timed well in relation to what the supplier industry needs today. Many products have been developed to suit a demanding home market but will now go out to international groups of clients. This is a start. In the future, this will also be an important implementation tool when we are developing technology for new bio-marine industries, including the marine ingredients industry, seaweed, as well as production of low-trophic level species, says Karl A. Almås, Special Adviser at SINTEF Ocean.

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