-It’s the first time GIEK has issued a buyer credit guarantee for Innovation Norway. It was slightly challenging, and we have had significant discussions between GIEK and Innovation Norway in order for our guarantee to fit their loan. However, with hard work from all sides of the table, we were able to reach a solution everyone could accept, in relatively short time, which we are very pleased with. GIEK was the trigger for ECOsubsea’s ability to expand its business in Southampton with equipment developed by the Norwegian mother company, and the future export potential is very big if the company succeeds in its plans, says Astrid Eitienne Team leader Industri in GIEK.

-GIEK has been very solution oriented since our first meeting and throughout the whole process. This has been necessary in order to find a solution which will be of beneficial to ECOsubsea in this project, while opening up to further exciting opportunities for both parties, says Tor M. Østervold in ECOsubsea.

ECOsubsea is a young company that has developed a cleaning station/ROV for hull cleaning of vessels while in port. The company has already established itself in Southampton with a pilot, and the cleaning station will be leased to ECOsubsea’s British subsidiary ECOsubsea Services Ltd.

ECOsubsea’s product has an environmentally friendly profile. The process that they have developed collects the waste, and by doing this they prevent spreading alien invasive species that can have a dangerous impact for the local fauna. The cleaning also leads to reduced fuel consumption for the vessel.