Norwegian cruise ship delivered to France-based Ponant

June 15 Le Laperouse was delivered, the first cruise ship in a series of several new ships from Vard Group. Vard Søviknes yard now has full capacity utilization, and the group’s shipyards will supply cruise ships to several well-known actors on a continuous basis until 2021. GIEK is central to the funding of all vessels and in the conversion of Norwegian shipyard from mainly offshore vessels to other types of vessels to new markets.

The buyer of Le Laperouse is the French cruise company Ponant, an established player with extensive experience in expedition and luxury cruises. Ponant has ordered another six cruise ships from VARD which will be delivered until 2021.

-Le Lapréouse is a real achievement for the company and the result of an intense teamwork with Vard. Remarkable nautical performances, technical excellence, a high standard of comfort, everything is in place for the Ponant Explorers series to be a success. Last but not least, we have been very happy to benefit from the Norwegian export credit agency support, making up with Vard a comprehensive offer delivered in a very professional way, says Jean Emmanuel Sauvée, CEO of Ponant.

The seven cruise ships that Ponant has contracted represents total Norwegian exports for several billion NOK. The buyer credit guarantee from GIEK is issued to French banks sharing the risk with GIEK and participating in Ponant’s financing of the project.