The Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency (GIEK) is a public enterprise that reports to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (MTIF). GIEK promotes Norwegian exports by issuing guarantees on behalf of the state. GIEK is a supplement to the private banking and financial market and is required to break even financially over time.
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The guarantees are tailored to the needs of Norwegian export companies and foreign buyers, and cover political and commercial risk associated with loans made by private or public financial institutions. The guarantees may be issued only if Norwegian goods or services are delivered abroad or if an export transaction promotes Norwegian value creation in some other way.


GIEK provides guarantees for export worldwide

  • Our guarantees help buyers abroad with financing.
  • The guarantees reduce the risk of loss for Norwegian exporters and international buyers.
  • The guarantees level the playing field for Norwegian companies competing abroad.
  • Norwegian state guarantees represent a high degree of security for exporters and banks alike.

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In addition to providing export guarantees, GIEK administers two domestic guarantee schemes, one for energy purchases and the other for shipbuilding at Norwegian yards.


Public information

GIEK is subject to the Freedom of Information Act, which regulates the right of access to the documents of public authorities and undertakings. All information related to GIEK’s processing in advance of issuing a guarantee policy is exempt from public disclosure – Freedom of Information Act (Norwegian).

Electronic public records (OEP) is a joint publication service for government agencies’ public records.

GIEK as creditor

GIEK’s guarantees trigger exports. As a result the state and the banks have a long-term financial risk linked to the customers’ business operations. Read more.

Annual and tertiary reports

Here you can download GIEK’s latest annual and tertiary reports.