From Norway to the whole world

GIEK facilitates export financing with guarantees that mitigate economic and political risks for exporters, buyers and banks. With GIEK’s guarantees you enjoy Norwegian state support, and that makes a difference out in the world. In addition to export guarantees, GIEK provides guarantees for power contracts in Norway and for construction of ships and offshore installations at Norwegian shipyards.


- GIEK is a very important partner for us on international projects. The financing solutions we devise with GIEK make it easier to take our share of the risk, says Vibeke Solberg Forås, General Manager Business Banking Sparebank1 SMN.

- The guarantees and financing we received at an early stage through GIEK and Export Credit Norway were crucial for Skipsteknisk on this export Project, says Inge Bertil Straum, Sales Manager Skipsteknisk AS.

– The offer of export financing is important for Element Logic and is used in the sales process with potential customers.
Export financing is often essential to getting projects under way, says Dag-Adler Blakseth, CEO of Element Logic.

– Loans and guarantees from Export Credit Norway and GIEK have been crucial in obtaining quick and solid financing for the project,” says Ole Henning Christiansen, the CEO of Safelink AS.

- When Myanmar opened up to the outside world in 2011, Bergen Engines and the Rolls-Royce group wanted to gain access to this chartered market – with our gas engines, says Merethe Fjeldstad, Bergen Engines.


Wenche Nistad og Jørgen J. Lund

The Norwegian seafood industry is expected to growth extensively in the years to come. The total marine value creation can potentially reach NOK 550 billion in 2050. The same year, the supplier sector of the industry could alone reach a turnover value of NOK 124 billion. With a new set of tools better suited for the seafood industry, GIEK hopes to take on a greater role in the industry’s further growth in Norway and abroad.


In 2016, China imported goods and services for USD 1.95 trillion and is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. China represents a huge opportunity for Norwegian exporters, and GIEK and Export Credit Norway already work on several large projects within land-based Norwegian export industry in China.


Innovation Norway, Export Credit Norway and GIEK supported Inrigo in closing a deal for a drinking water facility in Cameroon. The supply of four complete drinking water facilities to the state-owned company Camwater in Cameroon is one of the largest Norwegian export contracts to an African country, excluding the oil industry, in recent years.