GIEK’s governing documents and reports

It is the Norwegian Storting, in the central government budget, that determines the financial frameworks and primary goals of GIEK’s operations.

The letter of allocation (Norwegian, pdf) is the key governing instrument issued to GIEK by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (MTIF), and is conveyed annually after the central government budget has been adopted by the Storting (Norway’s parliament). The letter of allocation outlines financial frameworks and priorities, result goals and reporting requirements. 

The MTIF determines the main instructions (Norwegian, pdf) and rules governing the guarantee schemes (Norwegian, pdf).


Annual reports

Here you can download GIEK’s latest annual reports. 

Issued guarantees

GIEK publishes key information after a guarantee has been issued. This key information includes the name of the exporter, type of goods, guaranteed amount and date when the guarantee was issued. The guarantee recipient provides prior confirmation to GIEK of its consent to publication.

Download our most recent overview of issued guarantees.