Would you like to help promote Norwegian exports?

GIEK’s social mandate is to issue bank guarantees and other guarantees that support Norwegian exports and investments and contribute to employment and value creation.

GIEK offers exciting jobs to those who want to work in an enterprise at the interface between our social mandate and commercial business development. We offer interesting professional challenges, good personal development opportunities and competitive conditions, as well as an international environment.

GIEK is located in modern premises at Aker Brygge in Oslo. We employ 94 people with a wide range of job experience and backgrounds and a good gender distribution (48% women and 52% men). Five of the six members of GIEK’s management team are women.

- GIEK recruits from many different industries and jobs, and we are constantly looking for smart people with a high level of professional expertise and integrity, says Anne May Risung, Head of HR at GIEK.

GIEK’s values

We want to be proactively welcoming and available to our customers and external surroundings. We listen to others and meet them with respect.

Our work is based on a high level of professional expertise and is to be characterised by a high level of quality. GIEK’s employees are to be competent and up-to-date.

If we are clear, we will find that exporters, customers and business partners regard us as predictable and reliable.


Vacant positions

We advertise vacant positions as they arise, but unfortunately we currently do not have any vacant positions.



We offer

GIEK reports to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and its standards of IT security are highly prioritised.

GIEK’s IT department has for several years arranged two apprenticeship positions. The apprentices carry out varied tasks and help ensure that our employees at all times receive sound guidance from our internal IT support centre. The apprentices are supervised by Roar Soløst, a senior IT adviser and certified IT examiner.

A two-year apprenticeship at GIEK results in a certificate of apprenticeship, which opens the way to higher-level studies in engineering or IT.


GIEK offers guarantees to all industries and must at all times have up-to-date, knowledgeable employees in our professional areas of focus. We therefore seek colleagues who are interested in their own expertise and professional development.

As a new GIEK employee, you will be given a thorough introduction to our way of working. Our goal is to give new colleagues an understanding of our activities and values as quickly and efficiently as possible. You will also be assigned a mentor during your initial period of employment.

Our office is centrally located at Aker Brygge in Oslo, close to public transport services. Our employees have access to bicycle parking and shower facilities. We have five parking spaces that are available to our employees if there is a special need for this.

GIEK is an attractive workplace with a good, sociable working environment. We take responsibility for our employees and offer competitive conditions with regard to salaries, development opportunities and other benefits. GIEK is an Inclusive Working Life (IA) company that offers its employees several schemes intended to contribute to a low rate of absence due to sickness.