Are you purchasing Norwegian goods or services?

GIEK is a governmental financial institution. We offer customised long-term AAA-guarantees and risk mitigation solutions for Norwegian export contracts.

Norwegian state guarantees from GIEK are sought after by banks and buyers worldwide. We have a wide-ranging international network and extensive experience in tailoring solutions to facilitate Norwegian export contracts.

We can offer:

  • Guarantees for long-term financing (over two years) with a commercial bank or government export credit institution, in Norway or abroad.
  • Competitive financing costs.
  • Increased loan capacity with your bank, or extended credit from suppliers.
  • Bonds for banks covering loss of advance payment, or loss in the event the Norwegian exporter fails to deliver as agreed.

For export contracts under NOK 100 million, the buyer may submit a joint application for loans and guarantees from GIEK and Export Credit Norway.

See separate pages on our Buyer credit guarantee and Bond guarantee, as well as our Application process.

What kinds of exports do we guarantee?

Guarantees can be issued for exports of Norwegian goods or services, or for export transactions that promote Norwegian value creation in other ways.

GIEK buyer credit guarantees are for loans ranging up to 85 per cent of contract value. GIEK can cover both political and commercial risk for exports to most countries in the world. For information on how we view different countries, see the Country risk pages.

In the case of bond guarantees, GIEK shares risk with the exporter’s bank.

If the overall risk is acceptable, GIEK issues a guarantee. The contract is then executed as planned. If something goes wrong, GIEK pays under the guarantee.

Before issuing a guarantee, we examine the borrower’s creditworthiness and ascertain that the export will be conducted in an ethical manner.


- GIEK and Export Credit Norway were crucial to seal this deal, allowing us to pursue our international strategy, says Skjalg Sylte Stavheim, CEO Hexagon Ragasco AS

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GIEK and Export Credit Norway - our cooperation

GIEK and Export Credit Norway represent the Norwegian state and collaborate closely. From Export Credit Norway you can apply for loans on favourable terms, guaranteed by GIEK. We support both small and medium-sized sales worldwide.

Both the exporter and customer must apply for loan and guarantee. GIEK performs a credit assessment of the buyer and if approved, Export Credit Norway completes the loan transaction. The loan is disbursed upon delivery.


Upon issuing a guarantee GIEK charges a premium that is generally calculated as a one-time premium, but an annual premium is possible in cases of bank participation exceeding 20 per cent.

The premium amount depends on the repayment period, and is also affected by:

  • Buyer creditworthiness: GIEK assesses the customer’s creditworthiness, i.e. the probability of payment by the customer.

  • Political conditions in the buyer’s country: GIEK assesses the risk that political unrest may arise in a foreign buyer’s country.

In some cases GIEK also charges an upfront fee and a commitment fee.

Calculate a cost estimate for buyer credit and supplier credit guarantees.


Relevant guarantees for Norwegian buyers

This guarantee facilitates Norwegian investments abroad and applies only to political risk, typically such risks as expropriation, civil unrest, new foreign exchange restrictions. The guarantee is therefore relevant in countries with a high degree of political turmoil and little predictability.

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GIEK’s buyer credit guarantee covers up to 90 % of the dept financing to buyers of Norwegian export. The loan can be in Norwegian or foreign banks or Export Credit Norway.

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GIEK and Export Credit Norway offer a common financing solution for export. Up to 85 % of the contract can be financed. GIEK can guarantee for up to 90 % of the loan. Repayment over 2 years.

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