Business plan requirement

GIEK asks applicants to submit a full business plan in connection with the processing of guarantee applications.

The business plan should contain the following information:

Information on the buyer company

  • Name, address, company type and date of formation

  • How many shares/interests there are in the company and a list of shareholders/overview of ownership arrangements

  • Share capital/any subordinated loan capital

  • Name/backgrounds of board members and company management

  • Accounts and balance sheets for the past three years

Information on the project

  • Project description

  • Market conditions/agreements if applicable

  • Business strategy

  • Project status and progress schedule

Financing and budget information

  • Estimated capital requirements and funding sources

  • Equity, long-term loans/export credits and operating credit

  • Any co-guarantors and their terms and degree of participation

  • Overview of the security available to GIEK (mortgages, guarantees, etc.)