Corruption undermines lawful business activity, leads to a distortion of competition, destroys reputations and exposes companies and individuals to risk. As a public enterprise reporting to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, GIEK looks on anti-corruption work as part of its overall social responsibility.

GIEK is opposed to all forms of corruption and will strive to reduce the risk of corruption or bribery occurring in GIEK or in projects in which GIEK is involved.

In order for them to respect our decisions, it is essential that customers and business partners trust GIEK.

It is not enough to make the right decisions; those around us must also be able to see that we are making the right decisions.

Objectivity and impartiality apply as general norms within state administration.

GIEK employees must never accept, for themselves or for others, accept – or make conditions suitable for accepting – gifts, travel, hotel accommodation, food, drinks, discounts, loans or other benefits or advantages that are likely, or are intended by the giver, to influence their actions at work.

GIEK employees may not use their job to obtain an unwarranted benefit for themselves or others. This also applies in cases where these benefits will not affect our actions at work.

All GIEK employees are to read, understand and comply with GIEK’s anti-corruption policy and report non-conformances in accordance with the routines for handling unwanted incidents and/or whistleblowing routines.