Corruption undermines lawful business activity, leads to a distortion of competition, destroys reputations and exposes companies and individuals to risk. As a public enterprise reporting to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, GIEK views anti-corruption as part of its overall social responsibility.

Requirements for our customers

GIEK requires the exporter, and other co-applicants, to submit a statement regarding corruption both at the time of application and at the time of issuance of the guarantee.

During the application process, the exporter and any other co-applicants shall declare or inform, inter alia, the following:

  • The company undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Penal Code §§387-389, cf. §15.

  • The company is not aware of corruption, or circumstances that indicate corruption, among parties involved in the project to which the company is delivering, or in connection with their contract or other contracts related to the same project.

  • Neither the company, nor anyone acting on its behalf in the execution of the contract, is on the World Bank or regional development banks' lists.

  • Whether there are other individuals or companies acting on their behalf in the transaction (e.g. agents). The latter’s role, as well the calculation and means of remuneration, shall be specified.

  • Neither the company itself, nor any other person acting on its behalf (e.g. agents), nor any other person known to the company who receives payment or other benefit for performing work, services or any other contribution to the transaction:

    • is charged with corruption, or there is reason to suspect breach of the anti-corruption provisions, or

    • has been convicted of corruption in Norway or abroad during the last five years, or

    • has been subject to administrative measures during the last five years due to corruption in Norway or abroad

  • The company understands the importance of developing, implementing and documenting satisfactory control systems to combat corruption.

The guarantee will not be not issued unless the exporter, and any other co-applicant, have provided such a declaration.


Internal GIEK guidelines

GIEK shall inform our customers about the civil and criminal law consequences of corruption as early as possible in the application process, including the Penal Code §§ 387-389, cf. §15.

Public officials shall not, on their own behalf or on behalf of others, accept or facilitate the acceptance of gifts, travel, hotel accommodations, hospitality, discounts, loans or other contributions or perquisites that are appropriate to, or intended by the donor, to influence their work.

Public officials must not use their position to gain an undue advantage for themselves or anyone else. This also applies in cases where these advantages would not affect their service-capacity actions.

All GIEK employees must read, understand and follow GIEK's anti-corruption policies, and report nonconformities in accordance with routines for handling adverse events and / or notifications.